IFILM – Mint (AI-generated) viral videos as NFTs

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Stage 1

Stage 1 $VIEWS price $0.00000001488

Next Stage

Next $VIEWS price $0.00000001637 (+10%)
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ICO Pre-Sale

The ICO starts soon. Prices you find in the table below. Payments in Crypto

Utility Token

Access permission to our cutting-edge AI content-generation tools

Fast and Low Fees

Polygon enables lightning-fast transactions and low fees
(For web2/3 content mints)

Rewards for viral hits

Earn rewards for referring IFILM to active users and for creating well-liked content.

Stage 1 (100%)
Stage 2 (110%)
Stage 3 (120%)
Stage 4 (130%)
Stage 5 (140%)
Stage 6 (150%)
Stage 7 (160%)
Stage 8 (170%)
Stage 9 (180%)
Stage 10 (190%)
Stage 11 (210%)
Stage 12 (220%)
Stage 13 (230%)
Stage 14 (240%)
Stage 15 (250%)
Stage 16 (260%)
Stage 17 (270%)
Stage 18 (280%)
Stage 19 (290%)
Stage 20 (300%)
Total $5M (Crypto payment based
on current stage entry )

IFILM & TubeBabble

IFILM brings professional-level content creation to every smartphone user. Use your smartphone to shoot videos and photos, then let our cloud-based AI transform them into cinematic masterpieces. Even if you're new to editing, our AI automates settings, edits, transitions and adds AI music for a hassle-free experience. Alternatively, you can upload existing videos and convert them into smart NFTs. The NFT and crypto features are optional, yet they offer innovative advantages. Looking for teamwork? IFILM has you covered. Join a group project and upload your unique footage. Our AI merges everyone's contributions into a cohesive film. Benefit from low-fee crypto for microtransactions like tips or special offerings in the TubeBabble messenger. Get fair share for referrals, tips, and viral content with our smart contracts, alongside traditional ad revenue options. Want to engage your audience? IFILM lets viewers sponsor your work by sharing or tipping. Monetizing with IFILM is simple. Advertisers can optionially use AI to create ads or effortlessly integrate product placements all governed by smart contracts. Choose a free or premium IFILM subscription that's right for you. We're gearing up for our big ICO and your support is crucial. Want to earn extra? Sign up for our Referral Program, share videos, and earn $views when someone signs up on TubeBabble or goes premium on IFILM through your shared videos. We also introduce a new format called Responge© where users can respond to short videos with own short videos. Video NFTs can be shared or uploaded anywhere but unfold their full potential on TubeBabble with full $views support. Staking $VIEWS tokens for video NFTs (optional) and chat group membership creates a system of accountability and encourages adherence to legal standards and community guidelines. By requiring users to have skin in the game, it promotes responsible participation and content creation, enhancing compliance and moderation efforts thus increasing the quality of the platform for all of us. Don't miss out—join us today.

Mint videos on IFILM as NFTs

  • Upload and optional mint videos
  • Film (AI-) videos on the go
  • Film (AI-) videos with groups
  • Revenue share for group videos
  • Trustless smart contracts
  • Unlock pro offerings in the IFILM app with $views
  • Share videos publically or with friends
  • Seamless integration of multiple apps, such as IFILM and RESPONGE, into TubeBabble’s backend with full support for $views.
  • Accounts and videos as NFTs. (optional) “DAO” vetos for content moderation  can only be overwritten with full transparency

Earn $VIEWS token on TubeBabble

  • Earn for watching videos on the TubeBabble Video platform
  • Be active and earn rewards
  • Revenue share in FIAT
  • Bonus rewards for viral videos
  • Earn $VIEWS for referring
  • Earn tip from fans & sponsors
  • Unlock pro offerings in the TubeBabble chat app
  • Stake $views to create or join chat groups and to upload video NFTs (optional) to TubeBabble
  • “DAO” vetos for fairness and compliance in transparent content governance
  • Feature Video NFTs by staking $views to let our algorithm test the performance of your videos

Mint user-generated or AI-generated videos as NFTs and get $VIEWS as a reward

Our Goals: Earn $VIEWS on TubeBabble

The future of video sharing starts here

Expand your opportunities within IFILM and TubeBabble through our $VIEWS token, designed to work smoothly on the Polygon blockchain. Your transactions are not just swift but also secure, logged for complete transparency on the blockchain. Your $VIEWS are accessible through any Polygon-compatible wallet and can be integrated into a broad range of dApps and platforms that support ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens.
In addition to video creation, IFILM offers a groundbreaking feature that lets you craft personalized video NFTs. Utilize AI assistance to manipulate live recordings with text prompts, or simply upload your content and mint it into an NFT—all based on the advanced ERC-6551 standard. This opens the door for a myriad of smart contract options, including direct sponsorships. Share, trade, or even put your video NFTs up for community votes right within the IFILM platform.
Take the next step in content creation and asset management. Join IFILM today and immerse yourself in our burgeoning creative community!


Get up to 1M $VIEWS per active referral as reward

Community Rewards

Share the referral link of IFILM or TubeBabble and get $VIEWS

Introducing our “Refer-to-Win” program! You can earn up to 1M $VIEWS tokens for a single active referral. Spread the word and get rewarded with loads of cool videos and $VIEWS token. Join us now, start referring, and unlock your path to an abundance of $VIEWS tokens!
Experience the power of our referral program! Our advanced internal algorithm analyzes key metrics such as votes, shares, and mints to measure the active engagement of your referrals. The more they actively participate, the greater your chances of earning up to 1M $VIEWS tokens per referral. Join now, refer others, and let the algorithm showcase the true value of a lively community! As time goes on, earning rewards will become more challenging due to a diminishing supply.


Get up to 10M $VIEWS for viral hits whether user-created or AI-generated!

IFILM token is peer-to-peer

The social media token that allows token transfers without the need for intermediaries. We provide the tools for viral video creation!

In 2023, with nearly 5 billion people scrolling through social media, the potential for viral content to make waves is unparalleled. The average user spends around 145 minutes each day engaged with social platforms, particularly with short-form videos that are 2.5 times more captivating than longer formats. Armed with deep insights into social media’s ever-changing landscape, IFILM equips you with cutting-edge AI tools to craft enthralling viral videos, exponentially increasing your brand or channel’s influence and reach.
Harness the immense power of virality and propel your brand or channel to new heights of success. Should you choose to feature viral content from other creators, a simple attribution via a referral link is all that’s required. This ensures that original creators are duly credited and supported for their innovative contributions.
Explore the versatility of $VIEWS, our specially designed utility token aimed at enriching your NFT experience on IFILM. Please note, $VIEWS is not an investment vehicle but a dynamic asset crafted to unlock specialized features and advantages on our platform.
Join IFILM today and be part of a thriving community where creativity knows no bounds, all amplified by the utility of $VIEWS tokens.


The future of AI-generated funny content starts here

Fast Trade

Lightning fast transaction speed


A strong focus on marketing

Low Fees

Extremely low fees for transactions

Current Price on Stage 1

$VIEWS token price


Stage 1 price: Paid in crypto equivalent



IFILM goes online
DEX /CEX Listings
ICO launch
Project Development - Ongoing process
End of pre-sale

Why did IFILM start social media accounts?

Because it wanted to bring joy to people’s timelines and unleash its monstrous sense of humor! Follow IFILM on social media for a guaranteed daily dose of laughter that will make your feeds a whole lot funnier!


How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: July 1, 2023, Monday, 11:00 AM (GMT)
Pre-Sale: $5m
Payment Crypto payment
Token: VIEWS
Exchange rate: 1 VIEWS = $0.0000000014 (Stage 1)
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

VIEWS Token Contract Address

To ensure the security of the ICO and prevent hacking and phishing attacks, we will share the contract address after the pre-sale ends.
The address for the VIEWS token contract will be revealed 7 days after the pre-sale ends. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. 

Token Structure


Our platform offers a range of complimentary basic services to all users. For those wishing to engage in specialized activities such as video minting or AI tool utilization, modest fees are charged, payable exclusively in $VIEWS tokens. These fees are crucial for supporting the platform’s ongoing operations. By holding $VIEWS tokens, users can unlock additional premium services beyond our free offerings. Please note that $VIEWS is designed as a utility token to facilitate access to these specialized services and should not be regarded as an investment vehicle

  • 40% $VIEWS Token Pre-Sale

  • 20% Liquidity and Listings

  • 25% Community Rewards

  • 15% Team and Advisors

Frequently asked questions

How is a Newsletter similar to a tin of delicious Spam?

Well, just like the mouthwatering taste of Spam, a Newsletter can be quite satisfying once you open it up and give it a try!

What is IFILM? And why TubeBabble?

Introducing IFILM, the groundbreaking platform destined to redefine the digital video realm. Experience the endless possibilities of video creation as we merge traditional filming with next-level AI technology. With IFILM and our $VIEWS token, you get unparalleled access to a continuous flow of AI-enhanced videos, live recording manipulations, and unique NFT opportunities tailored for both web2 and web3 ecosystems. Prepare for a tidal wave of creativity that will captivate audiences across the digital landscape. Join the IFILM revolution today and become part of the next big thing in video content creation! And if you want to watch videos and chat with friends or strangers about videos you are watching then TubeBabble is for you the right place. You earn even $views for watching videos. Sounds good? Then dont miss out and join the hype train.

Why does the timer of the ICO reset?

If the token amount is sold out before the allocated time for the stage expires, the ICO timer resets. Each stage expires after 4 days.

Why can't I claim the tokes after I purchased them?

The contract address will be revealed 7 days after the pre-sale ends. We do this to increase security and prevent phishing and hacking. Please be careful when clicking on unknown links and keep your anti-virus software up to date. As for additional tips that can increase the safety of your crypto wallet, here are some suggestions:
  • Use a hardware wallet instead of a software wallet.
  • Keep your private keys safe and secure.
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) whenever possible.
  • Don’t share your private keys or seed phrases with anyone.
  • Use a unique and strong password for your wallet.
  • Keep your computer and mobile devices up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks to access your wallet.
  • Double-check the URL of any website you visit to make sure it’s legitimate.
  • Don’t fall for phishing scams that ask you to enter your private keys or seed phrases.

Does the $VIEWS token have any utility?

The $VIEWS token from IFILM serves as the gateway to our customized AI content generation tools, granting its holders exclusive privileges, airdrops, and additional perks. You can also watch on TubeBabble videos in order to earn views and in the TubeBabble communicator app you can unlock special emojis, gifs, mini-videos as content and a lot more to come.

When will the $VIEWS token be listed on a DEX/CEX?

Upto 7 days after the pre-sale ends we create the liquidity pools on various DEX (Decentralized Exchanges)  and start the listing process on several CEX (Centraliced Exchanges). This might require some time

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